Kids Swimming Lessons, 6 months and above, in Small Classes, Indoor Heated Pool, Faster Growth At Splash Swim School 

  Swim'n'Survive program has made a significant contribution in many families lives by reducing the rate of drowning in children aged 5-14 years by over 75%.

With our unique programs tailored for your child with small classes, instant advancement, and world-class coaching, we make swimming fun and successful for your little one!  


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Program Pathway

The Wonder (6-36 months)Courage (3-5 years) and Active (5-14 years) programs reflect the hopes and aspirations of children as they embark on a lifetime of fun and safety in the water.

Each program is structured into skill strands that ensure a balanced, comprehensive instructional approach to a child’s aquatic education.

Swim and Survive provides a pathway for ongoing learning and development through each of the key life stages and is designed to keep children engaged, actively learning and most importantly, having fun.

Wonder Program
Courage Program
Active Program